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Wakemakers online dating

The passenger seat under the hardtop is a fore and aft two-seater, that when lifted exposes a single-burner stove galley available.

Although there are few reasons to visit the foredeck since a power windlass is fitted.

The star act under the hardtop is the driver’s seat, a suspension model like cray boats have.

Grab rails are a feature on the Wakemaker, and it is a very safe boat to move forward on.

There are built-in racks for six scuba cylinders, and three under-deck compartments for the rest of the diving gear – or for ice slurry for the fishermen.

A shower is laid on for the end of the diving day, and divers and swimmers will love the ladder: it has a double fold, allowing it to be long enough to really get under water.

Fishermen have a magnificent removable bait table, abundant rod stowage, drink holders and a deck wash.

Go Back to Reviews Boat Review Date: May 2010 Author: Mike Brown Overview At first and second glance the Wakemaker’s hull looked like almost any run of the mill WA plate aluminium boat, and the judges of the Boat of the Year were expecting a similar performance on the lumpy ocean.