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Skating rink dating

It was hailed as south London’s alternative to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but parents who attended after its opening on December 8 blasted it as “really poor.” Pictures show the site covered in mud, with a few paltry stalls, naff plastic reindeer and fairground rides that cost up to £3 each.

She said: "A skating rink no bigger than my lounge and two roundabouts.

"Where's the Christmas spirit, and I don't mean alcohol.

Tom Phillips said: “Winterfest - closed due to snow. She said: “For whoever was thinking of going to winterfest at Crystal Palace Park! “Honestly it was a joke, we walked miles and miles across the park in the snow to find that the ice rink was melted and there was no father xmas! And I don’t think I stand much chance of getting my money back for ice skating as there is no number to call or anything!

Earlier this month, the couple were also spotted together at The Losers Lounge Tribute to Burt Bacharach at Joe’s Pub in NYC, according to Schreiber and Watts announced in a statement in September 2016 that they were separating after 11 years together.

Among the comedy of errors was a Santa who got stuck making his way to the attraction on snow-covered roads, a ferris wheel which was shut due to high winds and an ice rink closed because the area around it was too SLIPPY.

One mum said her kids had been left crying after Santa failed to appear in his grotto because he was stuck in heavy snow while trying to travel down from Nottingham.

“There were like two rides and two stalls was an absolute joke!!!