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Lavalife phone dating bc

From that simple idea, Vince helped co-found WALKAWAY Canada Incorporated in 1999, and has helped build a global enterprise that now protects billions of dollars in automotive debt.

Robert has become an industry expert by continuing to monitor economic circumstances and delivering flexible products that are best suited to manage customer needs.

We provide buyers with peace of mind when leasing or financing a new or pre-owned car.

After talking with a long-time friend and car dealer, Vince heard stories about customers who needed to get out of their leases.

His compassionate gesture of paying out a loan for a customer who needed to return her vehicle, sparked the idea for WALKAWAY protection.

He sits on WALKAWAY’s board, representing the dealers’ perspective and the unique realities of the showroom environment.

In 2011 David Stewart joined WALKAWAY Canada as Vice-President of Operations and Product Development bringing with him over thirty years of combined experience in sales management in the finance and insurance industries.

At SAL Group, David led the development of the very first underwriting profit sharing program in Canada for car dealerships, and helped develop the first fully vertically integrated Vehicle Service Contract program for the automotive, RV, and power sports sectors.

Michael Croxon’s entire career has been in the retail automotive business, having worked in various capacities on the sales side of the business before buying out the family-owned operation, North York Chevrolet Oldsmobile.