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Latest research online dating statistics revealed comparative advantage

She said she only agreed in order to make some money because her husband was a pensioner.

Directions to jury - distinction between directions & comments - whether trial judge's statements in summing up amounted to a direction.

Appeal allowed: Matter remitted to CA of SC of WA for further hearing & disposition.

Decision: Defendant to be detained on an interim basis for a period of 8 months.

MAHMOOD, Dlshad Hamad - HCA, 30.1.2008Citation: Mahmood v State of Western Australia [2008] HCA 1Murder.

The applicant later agreed to an external body search & was found to have 4 packages concealed within her underwear.

The packages were found to contain 239 grams of heroin with a pure weight of 94.4 grams. She claimed that she had been approached to carry the packages into Australia for which she would be paid $25,000.

WILDE, John Alan (AG for NSW v) - NSW SC, Price J, 24.1.2008Citation: Attorney General for the State of New South Wales v Wilde [2008] NSWSC 14Ex Tempore Judgment, to be read in conjunction with judgment of : [2007] NSWSC 1490.

Application for continuing detention order for a period of 25 months.

Evidence - portions of "walk through" video tendered by defence at trial - prosecution objected to tender of whole video - in closing prosecutor invited jury to draw adverse inferences from portions played - trial judge refused to allow defence to re-open case to tender whole of video - whether re-opening ought to have been allowed - whether direction to jury required to overcome prejudicial effects of prosecutor's invitation.

Duty of prosecutor to tender all inculpatory statements - whether prosecutor obliged to tender "walk through" video in whole or in part.

They smashed a window, entered the house & assaulted the victim. There was no evidence that the appellant landed any blow to the victim.