Start Japanese hot bon cam

Japanese hot bon cam

There's also Japanese tea and seating available for ¥500, making it easy to sit and relax and enjoy an unusual flower viewing experience. See more in the blog article covering the 2017 festival (with videos) and in our Anchors aweigh article.

It's part parade, part dance, part party and part carnival as each group sports its own costume, and parades through the downtown streets while dancing to the catchy Matsumoto Bon-Bon tune.

This event will surely put a smile on your face and bond you with Matsumoto and its lively residents.

(Far East Amur adonis) is the earliest wildflower to bloom in Matsumoto.

It's a sign that the long winter is coming to an end, and that spring is just around the corner.

See also a report of 2008 and a report of 2010 in "What's New" Blog.

, one of the traditional dramatic arts of Japan, is famous for its masks and its lavish costumes.

Saito are available at the Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival homepage. The festival is getting popular and popular among people who love the outdoors and nature.