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The Thrill of the Chase Zalen closed his eyes, enjoying the cool water around him. The Master of Keys had finally arrived in Domarrak yesterday.

And so calm, just the muted chatter from somewhere outside.

Coryel did have those magic rings that would allow her to sense the active spells but his third incantation should help mask the first two. He then grabbed the waistband of her leather pants and yanked down. As they had begun there had been a regular faint background chatter from the streets below and from the surrounding buildings. Her lips quickly attacked his as her squelching cunt clamped down on his cock, her body finally hitting the peak, and hitting it hard enough to push Zalen over the top as well. " "If Darnac is ok with it, sure." "Maybe we can invite Sumi and turn it into a foursome?

Now he had only two problems: His innate magic resistance which might cause the climb spell to fail without warning, especially as he hadn't had time to cast it at full strength, and the fact that this wall wasn't straight all the way up. "Oo, I've had a dream like this..." she whispered as her movements were starting to get Zalen hard. He got the pants down to her knees before they got stuck. Now it was suddenly very quiet otherwise as if people had stopped to listen to the moans now coming from the roof. With her hips jolting towards him he came too, filling her drenched cunt with another liquid. " "Knowing her she'd be more than fine with it." "Then it's a deal!

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Quickly, before Coryel would turn to peek at his progress he darted to the side.

Next to the wall there were the remains of a broom someone had thrown out of a window.

He grabbed the longer piece and used it to cast a spell, followed by two more.

Sure, it wasn't as good as his real staff but a broom was what he'd used the first time he found out he needed an external mana focus so why not? ' And Zalen was doing just that, nailing the dark-haired treasure hunter's cooch like he was trying to break through the roof.

A moment later Zalen was in the middle of a different wall, using the first Spider Touch spell to stay attached to the wall while climbing. " With the excitement from the chase and the climb still pounding in his veins he would have been hard pressed not to. Her nails were scraping his back, her eyes full of fierce desire. Her moans were getting more and more frantic, her chants of 'Harder' had given way to 'Take me' and her cunt felt like it was trying to devour his cock whole.