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Large credit card banks are willing to work directly with you shortly after you miss a payment.

What are bank sponsored credit card hardship payment plans?

Banks reach out through the phone and with mailers in an effort to get accounts that have fallen behind back on track.

The larger lenders have well established and effective strategies that are often fair and measured to your ability to pay. You will want to be aware of potential drawbacks before agreeing to the plan with your lender.

These “life of the balance” repayment programs closely resemble debt management plans available through a nonprofit counseling agency.

The temporary plans will often last as little as 3 months and go as long as 12 months.

Your payment is reduced because the creditor is willing to lower your interest rate for several months while on the the temporary hardship plan.

Some of the differences between using a credit counseling service, and setting up the hardship plans yourself will be: If you have many credit cards, and some of them do not offer the longer term hardship plans, you are often better off getting the lower monthly payments through a credit counseling service, rather than making all of the efforts on your own.