Start Dating cohabitation

Dating cohabitation

You do not mention the children, that is the only thing that matters. There are some things one should weed out when evaluating how long & good marriages last of living-together before or after marriage.

Relationship Outcomes Concerns about pre-marital cohabitation may be legit.

Maybe this is why married men who cohabited before marriage are less dedicated to their wives than married men who did not first cohabitate (Stanley, Whitton, & Markman, 2004).

The inertia effect is only relevant to cohabiters who are not already engaged prior to cohabitation.

Substantial evidence associates cohabitation with negative relationship outcomes.

Pre-marital cohabitation is viewed as a risk factor for divorce as it predicts later marital instability, poorer marriage quality, and less relationship satisfaction (Kamp, Dush, Cohan, & Amato, 2003; Stanley et al., 2004).

The inertia effect may explain the heightened divorce rates associated with premarital cohabitation.

I am not in the least interested in whether couples are engaged or not, married or not.

Compared to married couples, cohabiting couples argue more, have more trouble resolving conflicts, are more insecure about their partners’ feelings, and have more problems related to their future goals (Hsueh, Rhabar, Morrison, & Doss, 2009). Turns out, unmarried couples have very different motivations for living together.