Start Dating a woman with large breasts

Dating a woman with large breasts

Attention women: Chances are the man in your life likes your breasts better than you do.

big breasted, slim ones), who can be picky and all that. I'm not shallow at all, yet I still get crap from men for being small chested which is unfair as hell! I do feel so sorry for women that are upset by remarks about breast size.

How about you returning remarks like: -- 'small ones are more juicy' or 'how is your penis size then', 'at least we could have loads of penises if we wanted', 'fancy having an ugly thing like that in your pants','we can easily cross our legs', 'our bits are more neat','you're only jealous you haven't got boobs'. Right then, you must think positive and feel good about all your body parts that make you work and live and just fuction. Good point lol, at least as far as porn viewing goes.

Finally, mental health appears to play a role in women's breast obsession.

A majority of the men (56 percent) said they were "satisfied with their partners' breasts." But among the women, only 30 percent felt satisfied with their own.

In our culture, men are assumed to be obsessed with women's breasts.

Men's obsession is reflected in the huge vocabulary men use when discussing them: tits, boobs, jugs, hooters, melons, globes, knobs, headlights, mammaries, ta-ta's, chest toys, fun bags, the girls, etc.

I'm 23 year old lady and your example makes complete sense.