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Christadelphian dating website

My boyfriend, Jonathan Dixon, and I have much in common.

Christadelphians think that a couple of corrupt, rogue Jewish guys, in collusion with some Romans, killed Christ.

The fact that they were Jewish had less to do with it than politics did.

I remember being maybe five, walking outside in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,and thinking that God was watching me. They met at vacation Bible school when they were teenagers and began dating when they were 16.

The message my parents tried to convey was of a protectorate, but since I was a paranoid and neurotic kid, I interpreted an ever-present being as a threat. I did go on to have an image of God based on photos I’d seen of the Sistine Chapel and cartoons. My father had been kicked out of several high schools because he was a troublemaker.

That might be an analogy to the way that God looks at Jews: they’re the firstborns, the favorites, the chosen people. When you refer to the anti-Semitism of some other Christian groups, what do you mean?

A lot of Christians feel that the Jews are responsible for the death of Christ.

For example, it never says in the Bible, to my knowledge, that when you die if you’ve been good you go to heaven. They don’t believe in hell because—according to what I was told coming up—the word for hell is Gehenna, which was a smoldering garbage dump outside of Jerusalem.