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Buzzfeed creepy online dating

Conspiracy theorists think that because Aaliyah hated the Illuminati and wanted to break free, she was selected to be a "blood sacrifice" so that Beyoncé could take her place and thrive as the ultimate queen of evil.

Eventually, secret societies were made illegal and punishable by death.

And while the Illuminati have reappeared in various forms over the years, it has never held the level of control control over society that conspiracy theorists a sign of the coming of the Antichrist." data-reactid="36"Unfortunately, these facts haven't stopped the internet from conjuring up some of the most insane — and incredibly creative — Illuminati conspiracies ever, which are mostly fueled by Christian fundamentalists who believe the Illuminati's New World Order would be a sign of the coming of the Antichrist.23% of voters, actually.

But we've attempted to point out the fine line between logic and paranoia. Disney has been hit with symbolism theories before — and not all of them are innocent.

In addition to this speculation, there's some creepy theories about Aaliyah's music.

Since Aaliyah's untimely death in 2001, there have been countless conspiracy theories.

At the time of her death, Aaliyah was dating Dash, Jay Z's friend and colleague.

Just type "Beyoncé Illuminati" in Google and you'll get over a million hits." data-reactid="37"But lots of people believe in this stuff. Just type "Beyoncé Illuminati" in Google and you'll get over a million hits. Every celebrity who's ever died a tragic death was murdered by the Illuminati.