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I pity the greater fool but renting is no solution around here either for a single person, unless you are earning a large enough income to afford sky high rents.

There are regrets as we have had opportunities for a decent house within our budget in good hoods but have held out as we thought prices were going to go down.

Thought it was overpriced in the lower mainland then.has DOUBLED.

If we bought we would have massive equity in our home and unless prices drop by more than 50% we would be fine. This was the same advice 5 years ago and it has been so knew it could go parabolic like this but nonethe less homeowners that bought 4 years ago have done well. I can’t wait for the real estate bubbles to collapse in Toronto and Vancouver.

If this new stress test causes prices to drop great. I’ve been reading blog for years and as much as I believe a correction is sorely needed, have a feeling the following will happen: After the OSFI brings in the new stress test in 2018, a combination of the Bo C/federal and provincial governments will bring in measures to dull the effects of a 2% increase in interest rates for various political reasons (ie–upcoming elections).

But I’ve heard this before with other stress tests, oil collapse, int rate hikes, amortization rollback, FB taxes, spec tax, rent controls, recession, China tightening outflow of money. I can see one or a combination of the following things happening: -Bo C drops the prime rate citing anemic economic growth -the federal finance minister will bring back longer max amortizations (hello 40 year amorts, it’s been awhile!

Good to see it wasn’t only turkeys that got stuffed this weekend….

M43BC 16 16261 23a Avenue, Surrey Jul 8:$948,000 Oct 8: $918,000 Change: – 30000.00 -3% https://ca/surrey-real-estate/16261-23a-avenue/16

Poor Andy might not only piddle away $140,000 in down payment and closing costs, but end up with a mortgage of $382,000 on a house worth $336,000. His kids could be in med school by the time he recovers. I haven’t had much trouble finding much detached owners in trouble or taking losses ,same for condos although a lot of people still view them as safe.