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Padma Purana says that world maps were prepared and maintained in book form and kept with care and safety in marking of horizontal circles, equatorial circles and further divisions.

Shortly, after, there grew up a regular traffic between India and China, both by land and sea.

Indian cultural contact with Southeast Asia covers a period of Goddess Tara: Rescued sailors who were at risk of Shipwreck. When she was calm, she was green or white in color, when angry, she could be blue, red or yellow.

"The vast extent of Indian cultural influences, from Central Asia in the North to tropical Indonesia in the South, and from the Borderlands of Persia to China and Japan, has shown that ancient India was a radiating center of a civilization, which by its religious thought, its art and literature, was destined to leave its deep mark on the races wholly diverse and scattered over the greater part of Asia." Some find allusion in the Old Testament to Indian trade with Syrian coast as far back as 1400 B. Archaeological evidence shows that as early as the eighth century B.

In the sea coast town of Shurparak, there was an arrangement to train persons with the help of Niryamak Sutras.